February 2011

The Fun Theory

“The thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better.” The Fun Theory – An Initiative of Volkswagen

If you run into a staircase like this next to an escalator, would you choose the stairs? If walking up the stairs is “fun” would you ... read more


Wanting What We Cannot Have

For most of my childhood I had a severe allergy to all dairy products. As a result, there were no candy bars or ice cream cones for many years. I distinctly remember playing at my best friend’s house when she and her brother got Hershey bars as a treat and I was given a banana. Not exactly a fair trade to a small kid.

Around the age of 11, my allergy disappeared. A whole world of food freedom opened up to me: milkshakes, sour cream on my baked potato, grilled cheese sandwiches, and those much coveted candy bars…HELLO CHOCOLATE!