June 2011

The Health Laundry List

Want to be healthy? Okay. All you have to do is...

Exercise more. Consume fewer calories. Strength-train. Drink more water. Eat less sugar and saturated fat. Floss your teeth every day. Sleep more, but don’t sleep too much. Watch your sodium intake, but don't neglect your potassium intake. Don’t eat chemical artificial sweeteners. Wear sunscreen, but be sure to get enough Vitamin D. Drink coffee, but not too much. Drink tea. Read food labels. Eat more whole foods. Eat less processed foods. Eat fish, but not all fish. And on and on and on…

PiYo™ Promo Month

June is 


 Promo Month! 




Daniel Rogovoy

June 2011
My name is Daniel Rogovoy.  I live in American Canyon with my two dogs, BoBo Bear and Beauty.  I have been a member of Exertec for 8 years or so, and Renee Brambila has been my personal trainer for 6 of those years.  I  work out with Renee 4 times a week for 1  1/2 hours per visit.

Focus Group

Exertec is conducting a focus group on lifestyle, exercise habits, and health clubs to gain better insights on how we can help people in our community live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Click on the flyer for larger image.                         

Focus Group - There's Still Room

There is still room for more participants in our focus group coming up next week (6/29 & 6/30).

Your feedback would help us improve our service to you! 

Haley Wood-Burdick