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If a Zombie Was Chasing You.....

What do you think would make you run faster? Stronger? Longer? Better?  My husband is a runner, and in addition to listening to his favorite music, he says he often imagines that he is running to save the lives of his family members. He says this gives him the mental picture he needs to run longer and faster.  Another friend says she imagines a sick relative of hers when she runs. She says this makes her feel grateful for her own strength, and therefore she pushes herself harder.

Everything you need to know to stay F.I.T.T


With all the media coverage, magazine articles, and hype surrounding the “perfect” exercise program it can be hard to figure out what to do in the gym. My motto, “keep it simple”. Here are a few tips to remember when designing your exercise programs. 

Frequency: How many days a week are you going to commit? Pick a number that is REALISTIC and stick with it. The general recommendation is 3-5 d/wk

Healthy Changes We Can Live With

I recently took a small, informal poll among people I know regarding eating habits and weight loss. I asked them, “ What eating plans/programs have you tried in the past to lose weight?”

Here were some of the responses:

“I didn’t eat before 10am or after 5:00pm.”

“I only ate prepared frozen meals that were delivered to my home.”

“I quit eating all desserts.”

“I tried using a smaller dinner plate.”

“I stopped going to dinner parties because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to control my eating.”

“I cut out all carbs of any kind.”

Life’s no Solitary Sport

On September 1, 2013, this Labor Day weekend, 64-year old Diana Nyad became the first person to successfully swim from Cuba to Key West without being enclosed in a shark cage for her safety.  This was Diana’s fifth attempt at this particular challenge in 35 years. She also completed the feat without wearing swim fins or a wetsuit. 

It took her just under 53 hours to swim the 110-mile journey—one that is said to be treacherous to say the least. Diana faced sharks, swarms of jellyfish, ocean squalls and the dangerous Gulf Stream current for two nights and two days.

A Fresh Take on Living a Balanced Lifestyle

My family and I just returned from Seattle where we attended the funeral for my husband’s grandfather. He was almost 91 and had succumbed to long-time cardiac issues. His memorial service was well attended by folks from all parts of his life: school, career, military, family, church and community.  They shared fond memories and funny stories from the past, trying to comfort one another in their time of grief.

Embrace Your Inner Scientist

 Do you have a trusted source for your health and fitness information? Your physician? A favorite publication? The internet? How do you sort the truth from all the theories, trends and “research” out there? Often the latest health news causes us to “flip flop” our lifestyles or habits only to “flip flop” them again months later. 

Is coffee good for me, or should I limit my intake?

Do I need to work out at a high intensity all the time in order to see results?

Can an overweight person truly be fit?

The Evolution of Fast Food?

Did you know that about half the money Americans spend on food is for meals prepared outside the home? Think about your lifestyle. Even if you’re not going to typical “drive-thrus,” are you picking up already-prepared meals at your grocery store?

Exertec Turns the Big 3-0!

What were you doing in 1983? If you were into personal fitness, the trends were all about legwarmers, leotards, biker shorts, terrycloth sweatbands, and Flashdance-inspired fashion. Spandex gym-wear was born, and came mostly in neon colors. Short-shorts were all the rage as were track suits and muscle shirts. The media (TV, print, and film) portrayed the fitness industry in some interesting ways. One unusual theme was how physical fitness was a sort of status symbol.

A Different Way of Looking at New Year's Resolutions


It’s the time of year when we often get swept up in the “busyness” of the holiday season--balancing work and home life with the added stresses of travel, family visits, shopping, cooking, etc. Before we know it, the holidays are over and we’ve begun a New Year.

How Functional Is Your Fitness?

I remember the first time I threw my back out. I distinctly recall the sensation—like my upper and lower body suddenly disconnected like two train cars uncoupling at the station. 

How did I hurt my back? Was I water skiing? Was I doing a bench press at the club? No. I was at home, sweeping the floor. I crumpled to the floor and remained there motionless and in agony for about 15 minutes before I was able to crawl to the couch. Not only was I in horrible pain, I was stymied as to how it happened.